Springtime of Hope
Sharon Lee Giganti

Sharon Lee Giganti Biography

Sharon Lee Giganti, a former Miss San Diego County, Miss La Mesa, and runner-up to Miss California, left Hollywood at the height of her success (guest-starring in over 20 top television shows and co-starring in several films) to pursue a "Higher Purpose". Believing that she had found the true way to serve God through her devotion to a channeled spirit named, "Abraham" and the New Age "bible" known as, A Course in Miracles, she had intended to teach a new and more "enlightened" way to be loving with these popular Law of Attraction and New Thought philosophies.

But by 1999, disillusioned with the devastation these teachings so often produced, she realized they were deceptive, and lacked the real presence of Jesus Christ. Thankfully, Sharon's diligent search for Truth began to lead her home, to authentic Christianity and when tragedy struck her family in the year 2000, her conversion accelerated. During a time of incredible loss, (the murder of her 4 month old nephew and subsequent life sentencing of her brother… one former student's suicide, and the mental collapse of another ending with her being committed to a psychiatric ward…) Sharon says she finally saw clearly; the fallacy of many New Thought tenets, the very real consequences of sin, and the true teachings of the Bible playing out right before her eyes, amid the tragic events surrounding her. With courageous honesty she reveals how her "New Age" influence may have unwittingly played a part in these tragedies, and how God's Saving Word brought her out of that spiritual darkness and into the Light of Truth!

As a regular guest (2003) on "Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo" via Ave Maria Radio, and two-time guest on the live radio show, "Morning Air with Jeff Cavins", Sharon began warning others of the dangers of secular influence and false New Age doctrine-especially the ideologies now being heavily promoted by Oprah Winfrey, such as: A New Earth, A Course in Miracles, The Secret, and the "Law of Attraction" teachings of "Abraham". She has also been a guest speaker for many Church groups and gatherings, including the San Diego and Orange County Magnificat meetings. Now a certified Catholic catechist, a postulant with the Holy Family Institute, and author of the inspiring booklet, "HOW TO DO LOVE", Sharon feels her conversion story can help other families to avoid similar heartache as she exposes the hidden dangers of the New Thought Movement's core teachings and tells how she learned to recognize, reject, and refute them. (She lists 12 in particular to especially watch out for.)

With true stories drawn from her own personal experiences and those of her former students, Sharon gives an eye-witness account of the devastation that often follows when these newly popular, but very poisonous principles are applied in every day life. Her message is a timely one, as today these infectious ideologies are spreading rapidly through the media, and contaminating much of our culture's worldview. She warns that, if they are not countered, corruption and misery on a massive scale is sure to follow. With her testimony, she seeks to prevent the outbreak of widespread "soul sickness" and help to provide the only sure remedy- a Holy Spirit filled transmission of the One True God, His real Son, Jesus Christ, and the authentic revelations of His Word.

Sharon says, "When people ask me how I managed to recover from "The Devil's Influence-za" I tell them, the only antidote was God's Truth Serum; I re-learned what our culture couldn't tell me and the New Age didn't know: the Saving Truths of our Catholic Faith! -- Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness but instead, expose them.-- Eph. 5:11

E-mail: sharontheword@yahoo.com Hm (619) 463-2310 Cell (619) 342-6729

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