Springtime of Hope

Featured Speakers

Kelly Wahlquist

1. Our Supreme Role as Women in the New Evangelization

This talk will look at how we fulfill our vocation to evangelize and how we have been given the ultimate model of the New Evangelization to be our guiding star, Mary. Not only is Mary the model disciple; she is the model evangelizer too. The joy and the humility she exudes in her prayer, the Magnificat, are virtues that we too must live in our evangelistic efforts. A closer examination of the Magnificat will help us take a look at how we can evangelize and courageously share our faith as Mary did.

2. Hdden Gifts

This talk hits on Mary & Martha and recognizes the beautiful gifts we as women have been given to build up the kingdom, gifts that often lie dormant in us or go unrecognized as God is busy cultivating them to fit perfectly at the perfect time in his plan of sheer goodness. In every circumstance and situation, God's grace can come to us through others. People who come into our lives and stay bring us continuing gifts, opportunities, and yes, challenges; and, each of us bring gifts of grace into the lives of others. Often these gifts, which bear the grace of God are hidden - at least to us - until God calls them out into action in His perfect timing. Many Old and New Testament saints had hidden gifts for the building of the People of God. We too have been given gifts to help build His Mystical Body, the Church, but at times we may feel we have no idea what they are. We need to learn to ask God to reveal our hidden gifts, to recognize them, and to put them into practice for the greater glory of the kingdom and the praise and glory of His Name.

Kitty Cleveland

1. God Alone Is Enough

2. Radiant With Joy

In these two talks, Kitty Cleveland will be sharing her heartbreaking, humorous, and ultimately triumphant testimony of her father's unjust imprisonment and the Divine Mercy miracle that set him free. Interspersed throughout Kitty's talks will be a selection of songs to encourage and console you in your own life struggles.

Rosario Rodriguez

Finding Forgiveness In the Midst of Tragedy

In this talk Rosario shares her journey to forgive after being a survivor of two violent crimes. She speaks about her miraculous survival(s), her journey of forgiveness and finding healing when “running to the sacraments.

Teen Talks by Rosario Rodriguez
1. What It Means to Be a Feminine Woman and How to Live It Out in Today's World

Rosario takes a look at the world view vs the Catholic view of femininity and discusses practical ways we can live out being truly, feminine women while living in the world.

2. Called By God. Now What?

Rosario shares in this talk how she spent over six years as a missionary working on university and college campuses evangelizing to students. She has worked as a missionary in many different avenues with different organizations. In this presentation she talks about how to evangelize. She speaks about relational evangelization and why it’s the most effective form of evangelizing. Rosario also shares about how to use social media to grow in your faith and prayer life and how to use it to spread the gospel with great love.

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