Springtime of Hope

Featured Speakers

Sr. Sara Butler

Women Priests: Why Not?

This talk will look at why this question came up and why so many Catholics still remain puzzled by the Church's answer. It will then identify the fundamental reasons for this teaching and the theological arguments to explain it. There will be time to consider answers to several of the objections that are commonly raised.

Gender Confusion

What is the source of the current confusion about sex and gender in our culture? How is it related to the struggle for women's rights, and "equal rights"? This talk will review the relation of gender confusion to "gender feminism," a theory that questions the value - and even the fact! - of the difference between the sexes. How does the Church evaluate these trends, and how does the "theology of the body" proposed by Pope John Paul II address them?

Fr. Brian O'Brien

Leave Room for the Holy Spirit! Why Ignoring the Third Person of the Trinity is Bad for Us.

The Holy Spirit is God's gift to us yet He plays a very small part in so many of our lives. This has to change if we are to become saints! This talk will explore ways to grow in the Spirit and allow Him to move and work in our families, our work, our prayer, and lives in general.

        Teen Talks

        I Am not a Chair

        You are a beautiful creation of God, and yet we often treat each other like objects. This talk will help teens see their inherent dignity as beautiful creations of God. It will cover specific actions that every teen can do to grow in their spiritual lives and to build healthy, beautiful, and loving relationships.

        Big V/Little v: How Do I Know What to Do with My Life?

        There is no more important decision in the life of a person than what they will do with their life. Too bad we don't spend enough prayer, time, and energy figuring it out. God is speaking and He has a plan for you!

Virginia Seuffert

The Value of an Authentic Catholic Education

Authentic Catholic education was central to the growth of the Church in the United States. Catholic schools face unique challenges at the beginning of the new millennium. Learn what is being done right now to restore faith formation to its rightful place in the American Church.

The Lost Arts of Home Making and Hospitality: Tools of Evangelization?

In the not-too-distant past, a cheerful, well-run home was the powerful glue that held families and neighborhoods together. Has the influence of popular culture killed the art of home making? A few simple ideas can make your home the heart of your family and the hub of healthy community life. The speaker will also discuss hospitality as a tool of evangelization.

The variety of talks offers something for everyone, from young mothers to the retired women in the audience, and there are sessions for teens. The speakers will talk about parenting, Catholicism and what some of the women in the Bible say to us as women today. All of our speakers are faithful Catholics who love to share their faith and want to help others grow in our awesome Catholic faith.