Springtime of Hope
Fr. Patalinghug

Talks to be Presented by Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Spiritual Combat: We live our Christian lives in the middle of a battle field. God died for the salvation of our souls while the devil attacks with cheep shot temptations to destroy our souls. Confirmed Christians are considered to be "Soldiers of Christ", soldiers who must fight for good and to defeat the temptation of evil in their lives. Using his Martial Arts background, Fr. Leo uses techniques in hand to hand combat and brings them to a level of spirtuality. What listeners find is a unique, fun and not so frightening parallel to help them fight against temptations in their dailiy lives.

Being 100% Catholic: The term Cafeteria Catholic is a direct byproduct to what Pope Benedict XVI calls, "The Tyrrany of Relativism." Today's Catholics may not fully understand the gift they have in their Catholic Identity. In fact, many people may not even understand the term, "Roman Catholic" as compared to other Christian denominations. In basic language, Fr. Leo will help people gain a better understanding of what it means to be a living member of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Teen Spirituality: Young people are prime candidates to become Holy! Consider the Blessed Mother, St. Maria Goretti, St. Francis, and of course, JESUS - who was found in the temple teaching the the religious leaders! Unfortunately, many teens do not fully understand this call to holiness, and they often do not know how to pray. Fr. Leo helps teenagers develop their prayer life in a way they understand best. By looking at pop culture with a critical eye, teenagers will develop the skills to make better decisions and to live in the Spirit that makes us Holy, rather than to succomb to the spirits that lead us away from God.

Teaching Mass: The Eucharist is the Source and Summit of our lives! But how much does the congregation fully understand the intricacies of the Mass. Especially in today's world where much talk is said about the "Old Rite" versus the "New Rite", Fr. Leo helps to explain the Mass in order for all Catholics to become active participants, rather than lifeless spectators.

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