Springtime of Hope

Exploring the Faith

      Topics for 2005-2006

This year our sessions will be based on the book, "Catholicism and Fundamentalism" by Karl Keating. From the back cover, "Karl Keating defends Catholicism from fundmentalist attacks and explains why fundamentalism has been so successful in converting "Romanists." After showing the origins of fundamentalism, he examines representative anti-Catholic groups and presents their arguments in their own words. His rebuttals are clear, detailed and charitable. Special emphasis is given to the scriptural basis for Catholic doctrines and beliefs."

The presenters will use a chapter from the book as a starting point for their talks, adding teachings from the CCC, the Early Church Fathers, etc. Attendees are encouraged but not required to read the chapter ahead of time. The book is available at the local Catholic bookstores.

Oct. 1, 2005
Nov. 5, 2005
Dec. 3, 2005
Feb. 4, 2006
Mar. 4, 2006
Apr. 1, 2006

Fr. Henry Huber
Fr. Brian Dellaert
Deacon Jim Thill
Kim Smith
Fr. Michael Podhajsky
Fr. Nick March

Topic: The Eucharist and the Real Presence (Ch. 15)
Topic: Forgiveness of Sins (Ch. 15)
Topic: Salvation (Ch. 13)
Topic: Scripture & Tradition (Ch. 9/10)
Topic: Mary and the Saints (Ch. 21/22)
Topic: Peter and the Papacy (Ch. 17/18)